"I wish Nike sponsored me"
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You look at me like “this girl with a lunch bag in varsity, is she serious”… But little do you know about whats inside of it, let me give you you a sneak 😋 My husband will take a lunch bag, and my children will not get lunch money during the week unecessarily. They will get into the habit of taking lunch to school from a very young age, this option is much healthier anyway.
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I love this, whether it be regarding work, relationships or life! Perfect for living 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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"Its ok to be proud of yourself" - Jesse Boykins III 

This past week was such a crazy one, something like deadline season so you can imagine. Seen as I am exactly 4 weeks away from completing my undergraduate degree the heaps of work that I need to do is becoming a little suffocating, with that comes a little bit of stress. Last week I had three assignments due, with 3 tests so I was overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to be done in a very short time frame. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to pull it off. But by the grace of God, the gym and my boyfriend cheering me on the whole week I survived and wow I don’t know if I would have done it without those three men in my life. So the remaining weeks I’ll approach everything as how I’d eat an elephant… Piece by piece (Got that from my boyfriend *^^*).

To end the week off however, I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night after my test I had dinner with my family at Fishmonger. We were feeling for something quick and nearby so we decided on that, it was a good family outing apart from how exhausted I was. Saturday I spent my day at the hairdresser (nothing as refreshing as getting your hair did). I have a pretty simple hairstyle currently, its exam season so I’m about that cornrows life. It’s so quick and easy to maintain and during this already stressful time I really don’t have the time to be worrying about doing my hair in the mornings. Later that evening I went to my boyfriend’s friends birthday braai, it was so good to wind down and have a couple of drinks with good friends and people who I’d say are like family to me.

Having a race to end off a weekend, is for me one of the best things ever, after going to church of course. That’s exactly how I ended this crazy week, with a good 10kms for breakfast :). It wasn’t the easiest of races but it was good, broke a few records. Ran 5kms in 28:52 and finished the whole race in 1:05:32, was aiming to finish it in 45 minutes, haha but that was a long shot. That goal I put on this race helped me finish a little quicker though so I am happy with that. I’m looking to be fit enough for the Nike Soweto marathon in two weeks, I’m running 10 km’s though. The Nike race has to be my most favourite and most anticipated event of the year. I can’t wait to be a beast in the streets of Soweto.

Annnyyyway, a wonderful week to you all and do keep pushing.